DECORATING: Powerful Laser Markers for Direct Part Marking

FOBA's new CO2 laser markers offer improved productivity and more.

Two new powerful CO2 laser markers for direct part marking have been launched by FOBA, Boxborough, Mass. Models C.0101 and C.0301 replace the current Altec LC100 and LC300 models, building on their predecessors’ field-proven laser technology while offering improvements in productivity, flexibility, smooth integration and easy handling.

The new 10- and 30-watt laser markers are said to be designed for cost-effective industrial laser marking applications. Their high-resolution marking heads reportedly apply consistently permanent marks which is a key issue for reliable traceability and counterfeit protection. From simple data codes through 2D codes to complex graphics the new markers are said to reliably mark simple and complex contents on a wide range of plastics and other materials for automotive, electronic, cable and consumer goods applications. With more laser power, the C.0301 is said to be ideal for higher speed mark-on-the-fly applications or more demanding materials such as many plastics. Different contents are marked with print speeds up to 1300 characters/sec. and line speeds up to 900 m/min.