MATERIALS: Enhanced Copolyester Filament for 3D Printing

Eastman and colorFabbs launch enhanced next-generation 3D filament.

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Just a year after the team of Eastman Chemical, Kingsport, Tenn., and colorFabb BV of The Netherlands introduced a 3D printing filament based on Eastman’ Amphora 3D copolyester, sold under the colorFabb brand, the partners have launched a next-generation version. Called n-Gen, it is also made with Eastman Amphora 3D copolyester, though with enhanced grade: AM3300 3D. As such, it is said to add functional properties and top-print quality to the filament line, and has the ability to print within a broad processing range.


Like its predecessor, nGen is characterized as a tough, low-odor and styrene-free offering that is suitable for most day-to-day 3D printing activities. But nGen reportedly stands out from other filaments in that it can process at a low temperature of 428-464 F and has an elevated heat resistance of 185 F. Its ability to dissipate heat faster than other types of filaments improves the performance on overhanging surfaces. The new Amphora AM3300 grade has many of the advantages of the original Amphora 3D polymer, but boasts improved flow properties through the printer nozzle, even at lower temperatures. Also, it is not impacted by humidity and moisture from the environment, resulting in stable printing results with less waste.

The nGen initial portfolio has 17 varieties, including 16 colors—such as green, orange, yellow, gold and silver, as well as one clear filament. Each are available in two diameters: 0.11 in. (2.85 mm) and 0.069 in. (1.75 mm).