RECYCLING: Erema, SIPA Partner on PET Preform System

Called Xtreme Renew, the system allows the one-step processing of PET flakes into preforms.

Erema, has collaborated with  SIPA  on a new recycling system that converts washed PET flake into preforms in a single step. Dubbed Xtreme Renew, the system relies on Erema’s Vacurema system, which consists of a multi-purpose reactor (MPR) that decontaminates, pre-dries and crystallizes PET flake before discharging it into a short, single-screw extruder. According to Erema, the MPR pre-treatment step removes moisture and other volatiles from the feedstock to prevent any hydrolytic and oxidative decomposition of the melt in the extruder. The extruder requires no additional degassing, which reduces the thermal stress on the material by minimizing residence time.

 The melt is then fed to SIPA’s Xtreme preform injection compression molding system, which was introduced at K 2013. The process produces a product that reportedly meets the requirements for direct food contact in accordance with Categories C-G as specified by the FDA. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All told, both Erema and SIPA say Xtreme Renew saves space, CO2 and energy while cutting preform manufacturing costs.

The system debuted last month at Erema’s Discovery Day, held at its global HQ in Ansfelden, Austria.