EXTRUSION: Control System Just For Extrusion

Billed as cost-effective and user-friendly.

A family of PlastX controllers West Control Solutions (U.S. office Gurnee, Ill.) have been designed specifically for extrusion. Billed as cost-effective and user-friendly, the controllers offer an easy-to-use menu that features pre-populated setup fields with default parameters for plastic applications. This, together with the removal of unnecessary options, ensures configuration is straightforward and fast to implement.

The controllers provide both heat only and heat/cool control in the same instrument. What’s more, the units can be quickly converted to process indicators, reducing the need to stock multiple products for extrusion applications, thus streamlining the product portfolio and reducing inventory.

The PlastX controllers are available in both a compact 1/16 DIN size (48 x4 8mm) and 1/8 DIN size (48 x9 6mm). Some of the standard features include process and loop alarms, with LED indicators for the band and low alarms. An LED indicator is also present during auto-tuning. The controller has one universal input, multiple output configurations and optional Modbus RS485 communications.