EXTRUSION: First Four-Axis, 12-mm Diameter And Ovality Gauge for Tubing

Touts higher accuracy than two- and three axis gauges.

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The Beta LaserMike AccuScan 6012 from NDC Technologies, Dayton, Ohio, is billed as the first four-axis diameter and ovality gauge for tubing up to12-mm diam. The new AccuScan 6012 provides makers of tubing and other extruded products with higher accuracy than two- and three axis gauges. It will be on display next month at NPE2015 in Orlando.

Until now, processors of medical tubing, high-performance cable, and other critical extruded products have relied on two- and three-axis diameter/ovality gauges. But increasing line speeds and uncontrollable rotation and vibration of products still pose measurement challenges. Producing medical tubing with an out-of-tolerance diameter or roundness, often down to ten-thousandths of an inch, affects the performance of life-critical devices such as catheters and drug delivery and surgical tubing. Any error in the diameter or roundness of the conductor or insulation in coaxial and twisted-pair LAN products directly impacts the cable’s performance.

The new AccuScan 6012 four-axis gauge solves these problems by providing more comprehensive measurement coverage and an ultra-fast scan rate. This combination of advantages now makes it possible to achieve a more accurate average outer diameter and ovality measurement at higher line speeds and for off-line applications.

The AccuScan 6012 measures at 2400 scans/sec per axis (totaling 9600 measurements/sec) and provides the highest single-scan accuracy in the industry with single-scan repeatability to 1 micron. This means with each and every scan you get a true and more accurate average diameter measurement.

The unit reportedly offers a 42% improvement in detecting true ovality over three-axis gauges and delivers 100% ovality accuracy when the product is aligned with the measurement axes.

The new gauge also provides the highest flaw detection accuracy with 25% improvement over three-axis gauges. The ultra-fast scan rate and higher accuracy coupled with the high-speed tolerance-checking option permits early, accurate, and dependable detection of product flaws such as lumps and neckdowns.

Using the Beta LaserMike PC-based AccuNet display system, the AccuScan 6012 can be easily and quickly set up as an off-line measurement system to check samples and track, manage, and analyze critical product data. This eliminates the need to set up two dual-axis gauges to perform four-axis measurements.

The AccuScan 6012 gauge also offers flexible communications capabilities, allowing for easy connection to PCs, PLCs, or processes with leading protocols. This gauge can also be equipped with an optional ultra-bright display and human interface to easily configure and view measurement data. The AccuScan 6012 allows for top or side mounting of the display.