EXTRUSION : HDPE Dimpled Sheet Line is 13-Ft. Wide

Flexible line runs at up to 3800 lb.hr and can run 100% post-consumer bottle scrap.

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Italian machine builder Amut Group has recently made and tested a line for producing HDPE dimpled sheet. The line runs sheet at widths to 13 ft, and will be used by a Russian processor to produce products that will protect and provide drainage for underground walls.

The line has a capacity of about 3800 lb/hr. Sheet can be coiled in one 13-ft dia roll; in two 6.5-ft dia rolls; or in four rolls, each 3.25-ft dia. The line features a 180-mm single-screw extruder with a 45:1 L/D, and reportedly can process material in a variety of forms, including 100% HDPE bottle scrap. The extruder can be equipped with a vacuum vent system to extract volatiles.

Downstream from the calendering/forming unit, the line includes an unwinding/lamination station to allow the introduction of 13-ft. wide geotextile materials. This station is complete with a distribution system of the hot melt glues used for different support/reinforce materials adhesion. At the end of the line, an automatic winder is furnished complete with a bench for the finished coils unloading/stacking.