EXTRUSION: Higher-Pressure Gas Injection For Microcellular Foams

Applicable to extrusion and blow molding operations.

MuCell Extrusion LLC now offers equipment able to inject gas into the melt stream of an extruder barrel at up to 1000 bar (15,000 psi). “The higher pressure SCF units complement our existing 7500 psi units, which are unique in the industry in enabling precise control of gas at any output rate,” states Mark Lindenfelzer, MuCell Extrusion president. “They are matched to microcellular foam extrusion, which requires extremely precise control of gas, often at high pressures.”

Lindenfelzer says the company expects to ship roughly 50 systems this year around the world for applications including blown/cast film, sheet, wire/cable, and pipe as well as blow molding.
Mucell Extrusion has bought a new 6000 ft² building adjacent to its headquarters in Woburn, Mass., to nearly double its assembly space for supercritical fluid (SCF) hardware.