EXTRUSION: Integrated Roller Design

New design approach reportedly results in more reliable heat-transfer rollers for film and sheet processors.

Menges Roller Co. says it now has the ability to integrate several stand-alone design technologies into one cross-functional design “toolbox.” Specifically, Menges says it has been successful in integrating computational fluid dynamics thermal models with finite-element analysis applications and solid stress analysis simulations.

The integration of these heretofore segregated design applications eliminates the need for multiple project setups and parameter configuration sessions, each with many variables. This allows Menges’ engineers to calculate in one model all the facets of a roller’s performance: peak temperatures, temperature variance, load-bearing capacity, component strength statistics, and more. With this new technology, stress and heat testing become more closely related in the design phase, allowing engineers to see better how one affects the other. For processors, the end result is higher-performing heat-transfer rollers, according to Menges.