EXTRUSION: Laser Micrometer for Pipe, Tubing

High-speed gauge is for very small-diameter extrusions.

The TLAser103 scanning laser micrometer  from LaserLinc Inc., Dayton, Ohio, is a new single-axis laser gauge for the quick, accurate inspection of small-diameter pipe, tubing, hose, wire and cable, monofilament and more. Said to be effective even in harsh production environments, the unit can measure products in diameters down to 0.0006 in. at inspection speeds up to 1200/sec. In the case of a tube moving at 100 ft/min. (20 in./sec), for example, the measurement rate of 1200 Hz yields a measurement every 0.017 in. of product

The scanner interfaces with the company's Total Vu software for complete product and process monitoring and control, as well as with the firm's SmartLinc processors  for industrial communications with PLCs, HMIs, and similar devices. LaserLinc's NetLinc interface permits Ethernet connectivity.