EXTRUSION: Monitor PET I.V. In Real Time

Processing Technologies Inc.

Processing Technologies Inc. LLC, Aurora, Ill., is making available a real-time I.V. monitoring system to complement the HVTSE (high-vacuum twin-screw extrusion) system PTi offers for “dryerless” production of PET sheet. The HVTSE system was developed by Luigi Bandera in Italy and is offered exclusively in North America by PTi. PTi’s real-time I.V. monitoring system, developed in cooperation with Plastics Technologies Inc., Holland, Ohio, is based on precise measurement of melt temperature and capillary piping pressures. These results are benchmarked against the ASTM D4603 Solution Test Method for measuring I.V. and possess an accuracy of ±0.02 dl/g. The test data are continuously fed into PTi’s Titan control system.