EXTRUSION: On Demand Rotary Cutter

Can also be configured for continuous cutting.

Related Suppliers

A new 10-in. on-demand rotary cutter from G.F. Goodman & Son Inc., Ivyland, Pa., uses a brushless servo motor with rare-earth magnets. It can be supplied as a stand-alone unit or combined with a Goodman Synchro-Pull caterpillar feed system. The cutter can be configured for on-demand cutting at up to 200 cuts/min, or an optional digital controller can be added to provide continuous cutting that follows the feed system.

For heavy-duty applications, a 14-in. vacuum clutch brake is offered. In on-demand mode, cut length is measured by a standard bidirectional encoder and length counter in 0.010-in. increments. No programming of function-key inputs is required. Other features include a parts counter and safety interlocks for the knife guard and cutter bushings.