EXTRUSION: Pre-Configured Temperature Controller

Billed as ideal and efficient solution for closed-loop temperature control.

Siemens Industry Inc., Atlanta, has unveiled an improved TCP3000 temperature controller, designed to make extruders more simple and economic.  

This pre-configured solution allows OEMs to save time and expense when equipping their machines; provides users with the highest degree of flexibility, scalability and performance; and offers simple and clear operator screens for temperature zone monitoring and control.

The TCP3000 can be operated using the new Simatic Multi-Panels including the 10-in. MP 277 and the 12-, 15- or 19-in. MP 377.  It is supported by standard Simatic PLC software from Siemens, which requires no special high-level programming expertise.

Machine operators, technicians, and maintenance engineers have a wide range of screens 
at their disposal for easy and convenient operation and service. These include:

  • A graphical user interface for temperature and trend analysis;
  • Controller settings including separate parameters for heating and cooling;
  • Tolerance and control-loop monitoring;
  • Control system identification for each temperature zone;
  • Wire break monitoring with a programmable controller response; and
  •  Timer clock and limits.