EXTRUSION: Versatile IR Gauge For Film, Sheet

New unit from NDC is suited for all types of film/sheet extrusion. To debut at K2016.

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FilmPro is a universal single sensor for thin and thick blown/cast film, sheet and extrusion coating applications. Developed by NDC Technologies, Irwin, Calif., the sensor has been enhanced to improve signal-to-noise, accuracy, web flutter and the effect of optical interference. Billed as NDC’s most versatile infrared gauge to date, FilmPro measures clear, pigmented, voided/pearlescent products, plus tints in total or as stripes. It measures the true thickness and weight of voided, microporous or breathable films and derived density. It can measure costly barrier materials, such as nylon, EVOH or PVDC simultaneously with other polymers such as PE, PP or ionomer. The sensor comes with an optional Fringe Suppression Optics (FSO) module with a more efficient optical engine that is unaffected by film thickness changes and scanner misalignment or run-out.