EXTRUSION: Winder Rebuild/Loaner Program Launched

Get a loaner turret winder while your old one is getting rebuilt.

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Converting Systems Inc., Schaumburg, Ill., will announce at NPE2015 the launch of its new Machine Rebuilding Loaner Program. The new program improves the rebuilding process by providing a way for customers to refurbish their dated plastics equipment without disrupting the output of their production line. CSI has been rebuilding older machines for more than 20 years.

 CSI rebuilds older machines to run faster and operate more safely and efficiently. Customers can take advantage of these innovations without incurring the expense of purchasing brand new machinery.

With its new Rebuilding Loaner Program for dual-turret winders and bag machines, CSI takes this concept a step further. Once a customer decides to rebuild one or more of their dated winders or bag machines, CSI will deliver a loaner to take the place of the machine being refurbished.