EXTRUSION: Lab Extruders In New Configurations

They include horizontal compounding line.

Randcastle Extrusion Systems, Cedar Grove, N.J. debuted a series of new products last month at NPE2015:

Horizontal extruders: Known for its line of vertically configured extruders, Randcastle introduced a horizontal starve-fed compounding line (photo) featuring a 5/8-in. 36:1 Microtruder equipped with the supplier’s Elongator mixing screw. Built to process standard-sized pellets, Randcastle said it decided to add horizontal machines to its product line because the verticals get tall at longer L/Ds. The machine is sized to handle standard pellets. Material can be extruded straight up or down, or at 45 degrees. This eliminates the need for adaptors and reduces the number of zones.

Wider flat lines. Randcastle has also expanded the width of its vertically configured lines for cast film, coatings and laminations. At the show, the company displayed a five-layer, 16-in.-wide flat die system.

Randcastle also showed a new downsized batch mixer that can process a single gram of material.