Faster Die-Flow Simulations

WEB EXCLUSIVE Two developers of 3D flow simulation software are releasing faster programs.

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WEB EXCLUSIVE Two developers of 3D flow simulation software are releasing faster programs. Plastic Flow LLC, Houghton, Mich., a spin-off from Michigan Tech University, released polyXtrue software last summer to simulate monolayer die flow. It introduced Coex polyXtrue in September with a new algorithm for mesh partitioning that reportedly can predict layer interface behavior, including changes in layer shape, without having to recalculate the original finite-element mesh. This makes it both accurate and very fast, says president and software developer Mahesh Gupta, who presented a paper on the new mesh partitioning at the SPE ANTEC in Milwaukee last May. He says most coex die simulations can be completed in under an hour. The idea is that a changing boundary between two layers passes through the inside of the original tetrahedral mesh, creating partitions into new finite-element shapes, but without altering the original finite elements. Plastic Flow offers polyXtrue software for license and also offers die-design services using it. It’s applicable to virtually all die types, including pipe, profile, sheet, and cast and blown film. Meanwhile, Ansys Inc. in Canonsburg, Pa., last month released new Version 3.12 of its Ansys Polyflow simulation software, which allows it to make flow and pressure predictions two to five times faster than before. The new software takes fuller advantage of the way new generations of computers process data with dual- or quadruple “cores” to gain capacity. For example, if a problem with 100,000 calculations is being analyzed on a quad-core PC, Version 3.12 can break the analysis work into four lots of 25,000 calculations each and run them simultaneously. To optimize a die design automatically, it uses multiple computer cores to test the effect of each potential shape change faster and with less memory. (906) 483-0691 * (724) 746-3304 *

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