Get Layflat Control Without an IBC

A new system designed by D.R.

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A new system designed by D.R. Joseph Inc., Grand Prairie, Texas, tunes layflat width on blown film lines without an IBC. Called "ecLF1," it uses two to four ultrasonic sensors mounted 3 or 4 ft above the frost line. The sensors constantly check bubble width and interface with a flat-width measuring bar (such as a Kundig FE-7) mounted on the film after the nips, or else an operator manually measures the web and enters the width data. The system only works on stationary or oscillating dies, not on rotating dies. It uses the same patented software as DRJ's IBC-based layflat control, allowing either semi- or fully automatic control and trend monitoring. By reducing the time to reach correct bubble size during start-ups or changeovers, the software reportedly reduces scrap and downtime, especially with large bubbles. Constant size adjustment during operation also saves resin because operators don't have to run wider to compensate for the tendency of non-IBC bubbles to lose width. Tel: (972) 641-7711 .

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