Hot-Runner Nozzles for Small and Cosmetic Parts


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WEB EXCLUSIVE. Several new developments in hot-runner nozzles were announced at the K show by Thermoplay S.p.A., Italy, represented here by Alba Enterprises Inc., Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. The new F11-A-1 nozzles are long and narrow for direct injection into multicavity molds with small parts, restricted space, and/or need for gating on an inside surface. Pitch spacing can be as tight as 13 mm and nozzle lengths range from 36 to 146 mm. Thermoplay also introduced nozzles for molding cosmetic packaging containing metallic particles. FGLT-A1 and FGLT-M1 nozzles have a special tip shape that is said to eliminate flow lines with metallic pigments. Simplifed single nozzles with a single control zone and one connection were also introduced by Thermoplay. Its FLH6 series nozzles have no heater strips in the head. They come in a range of lengths and diameters of 16 to 46 mm. (909) 941-0600 *

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