INJECTION MOLDING: Compact, Self-Contained Single Valve Gate

It's unusually compact because it all fits within the locating ring.

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In the second quarter, Polyshot Corp., W. Henrietta, N.Y., will bring out a line of single-nozzle valve gates with two notable features. First, this is said to be “the world’s only self-contained single-nozzle valve-gate system housed completely within the locating ring.” This is achieved by the in-line action of the entire system, including the valve pin and piston assembly. Housing the pneumatic actuating cylinder within the integrated mold-locating ring greatly reduces stack height and eases installation and mold maintenance. It also has fewer moving parts, making it more reliable, Polyshot says. Another key feature is extremely high pin force of 400 lb to enable molding of the stiffest or most highly filled commodity resins.