INJECTION MOLDING: Enhanced Auxiliary Injection Units

New software, radial-mount options, and other upgrades.

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Milacron Holdings Corp., Cincinnati, recently announced several upgrades to its Mold-Masters E-Multi auxiliary injection units, including an updated software package. E-Multi is an all-electric, servo-driven injection unit for mold or platen mounting in multi-material or multi-colored applications. The mold-mounted EM1 model has received a new carriage that fits compactly into the molding area. A relocated spring pack provides increased tiebar clearance and greater mechanical nozzle protrusion adjustment from the former ±5 mm to the current ±15 mm. This model is designed for applications requiring sprue break.

Larger E-Multi EM3 and EM4 models now can be outfitted with a radial option. E-Multi Radial mounts on top of the stationary platen and can turn to the “parked” position, providing unobstructed access for quick mold changes. Servo sprue-break motion is standard. These units handle shots of 57 to 499 cc.

The latest version of E-Multi software (V1.34) is now shipping with all new systems. Among its 68 new features and enhancements are automatic carriage calibration, safety ramp control for high-speed injection, E-Radial control, and co-injection as a standard option. In addition, the new software can control a Milacron Varian rotary table for multicomponent molding.

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