INJECTION MOLDING: Two New Closure Systems Shown at K 2016

72 mineral-water caps in 2.4 sec.

As reported last month in our K 2016 injection molding preview, Husky Injection Molding Systems, Bolton, Ont., will debut its HyCAP 4 system for beverage-closure molding, which incorporates numerous enhancements for higher productivity, energy efficiency, and ease of use. Husky has released one further detail: The system at the show will be running a 1.25 g 29/25 mineral-water cap in 72 cavities on a 2.4-sec cycle.

In addition, Husky will show a new fully integrated solution for making specialty closures, which it describes as “revolutionary.” This system (pictured) will product a 6.1 g flip-top closure for a shampoo bottle in 16 cavities on a cycle time under 8.5 sec. The integrated eIMC in-mold closing technology is said to provide more precise control and more than 20% cycle-time improvement.

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