INJECTION MOLDING: Larger All-Electric Tiebarless Press

A 50-ton e-motion TL press from Engel debuted at Fakuma.

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At the recent Fakuma 2014 show in Germany, Engel introduced a second model in its e-motion TL all-electric tiebarless series. At the K 2013 show in Dusseldorf, Engel (U.S.
office in York, Pa.) brought out the e-motion 30 TL model (30 metric tons). It has now been joined by the e-motion 50 TL (50 m.t.).

Both models feature a one-piece machine frame that makes them lighter and more compact than other all-electric machines of similar tonnage. The design is also said to guarantee very high platen parallelism and even distribution of clamp force. They are also very fast, with injection speeds up to 800 mm/sec.

The new model was demonstrated molding 15-pin electronic connector housings in two cavities from glass-filled PBT/ASA. With close pin spacings and wall thicknesses and edge lengths measured in microns, this type of application demands all-electric precision, Engel says.