INJECTION MOLDING: Multi-Shot In-Mold Assembly Featured at NPE Molding Demo

Three-shot molding produces a hollow auto engine part.

Billion SAS of France will demonstrate multi-shot molding and in-mold assembly at NPE2015 in Orlando this month, using the Multitube concept and tooling from Georges Pernoud North America, Inc., Rochester Hills, Mich. Running its Select 200-ton all-electric, two-shot machine with a third electric auxiliary injection unit in a molding cell, Billion will produce a hollow-body automotive part from two nylon parts in different colors, plus a TPE seal and four metal inserts. The two nylon parts are joined by overmolding the joint area with more nylon. (See also this month's Close Up for another Billion in-mold assembly application.)

The Multitube concept is used to produce air ducts, water tubes, turbo ducts, filters, and air-intake manifolds for Ford, Fiat, Mercedes, and Audi.