INJECTION MOLDING: New Micromolder & Expandable Bead Integrated with Molding

whole machine is inside a cleanroom enclosure.

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Arburg (U.S. office in Newington, Conn.) will broaden its machinery line with the addition of its first complete micromolding system, based on a 35-m.t. Allrounder 270 A, the firm’s smallest electric machine. Debuting at this month’s Fakuma show in Germany, it uses two-stage injection with a 15-mm plasticating screw (which accepts standard pellets) feeding an 8-mm injection screw. (Formerly, Arburg offered the micro-injection unit as an optional module to be fitted to a standard press.) 

The whole machine is inside a cleanroom enclosure, together with a specially configured Arburg Multift H3+1 horizontal robot for part removal and segregation by cavity. At the show, the system will mold four 0.03-g micro counter wheels.

Also new at the show will be a multicomponent injection system that incorporates expandable bead foaming with injection overmolding in an integrated production cell. (An overmolded part of this type, but not a machinery system, was exhibited at the K 2013 show.) Working together with German expandable-bead molder Ruch Novaplast, Arburg designed a cell that first molds a bead-foam preform and then a six-axis robot inserts it into the injection mold.

In addition, Arburg will demonstrate molding a cup-shaped food container that uses spiral flow aids to enable extremely thin walls—less than 0.3 mm—together with a thicker sealing edge so that the cups can be sealed reliably.