INJECTION MOLDING: Robots Get Remote Tech Service

All the robots in your plant can NOW connect via one box to remote tech service.

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Now all the robots in your plant can connect via one box to remote technical service. New TechConnect from Wittmann Battenfeld, Inc., Torrington, Conn., is available for any Wittmann 8 Series robot. It consists of a small box and a few software tools that provide a secure wireless internet connection via WiFi, Ethernet cable, or even by tethering to a cell phone or tablet computer. Via this connection, Wittmann Battenfeld support staff can view all the control screens for the robot, review programs, verify I/O signals, visualize axis movements, and monitor the robot’s torque, current, and velocity. TechConnect can also upload a modified or optimized configuration setting and transfer updates and system software files.

One TechConnect box can connect with any Series 8 robot within its WiFi range. Connectivity is said to be secure because it does not access the customer’s servers or intranet. This new capability for Wittmann robots complements the company’s Webservices tools already available for its injection machines and central material-handling systems.