INJECTION MOLDING: Smaller Hot-Runner Pitch And Two-Piece Edge Gates

Smallest flat line nozzle allows cavity spacing of 5.5 mm.

Two recent developments from Heitec in Germany include its smallest Flat-line nozzle yet, which allows a cavity spacing of only 5.5 mm, down from 7 mm minimum pitch previously. The company believes this is the smallest hot-runner pitch available. In lengths from 25 to 60 mm, the nozzles have replaceable cartridge heaters.

Also new from Heitec is two-piece construction of its Crown Series multi-drop edge-gate nozzles. In the press, the crown separates from the nozzle body when the cavity plate is moved forward, allowing easy cleaning of vents, etc. The crown remains fixed in the cavity plate, so the tips remain at the precise gate location and gate diameters of 0.4 mm are now achievable. Also, with this construction, expansion length is no longer a limiting factor. Crown nozzles come in radial and linear designs with up to eight tips. Heitec is represented by Technoject Machinery Corp., Bolton, Ont.

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