INJECTION MOLDING: Two-Piece End Caps Save Molders Money

Now only the insert is made of expensive materials.

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Zeiger Industries, Canton, Ohio, now offers end caps in two pieces in an effort to save molders some money. The concept was initiated for molders running fluoropolymers, which because of it corrosive nature necessitates end caps made of extremely expensive alloys. Zeiger addressed that by developing a two-piece end cap in which only the insert is made of the expensive material—either Inconel 625 or Hasteloy C276—with the housing being made from much lower-cost tool steels.

 Zeiger has since applied this same method to PC molding applications. Here, inserts are fabricated using Elmax from Bohler-Uddeholm (U.S. headquarters Elgin, Ill.) with the shell made from a lower-cost material, specifically a 4150 generic alloy steel. These inserts can be removed, and also feature a continuous taper—as opposed to a straight bore—to maximize self-cleaning, which is particularly important when molding clear materials.