INSPECTION: Fast, Accurate, Easy Part Measurement

Software upgrade available for free.

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Micro-Vu Corp., Windsor, Calif., has introduced a new version of InSpec Metrology Software. The software upgrade, which is available at no charge, is used on Micro-Vu measuring machines such as the Sol, Excel and Vertex to measure a variety of injection, blow and compression molded parts, including bottles and caps.

InSpec software is installed on a base of over 10,000 Micro-Vu measuring machines worldwide.

Key features of the new version include:

  • Form Fit capability can eliminate the need for third-party software and provides an easy- to-see display of feature form with tolerance bands.
  • Area Focusing enables quick 3D mapping of surfaces via a collection of multiple focus points per snapshot.
  • Character Recognition of serial numbers, part numbers, lot numbers and bar codes can be exported or added to reports.
  • Enhanced Reporting displays all necessary information in a colorful and easy way to interpret, including tolerances and bar display.