MACHINE CONTROL: Oversized 15-inch Touch-Screen Display

Display can be ordered pre-configured with several software packages.

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NPE2015 marks the first time Eurotherm will show its Optima Plus 15-inch human machine interface (HMI). Eurotherm says its Optima Plus family of HMIs provides a rugged, industrial Windows XP / 7 or CE based computer combined with a TFT touch-screen monitor in a single housing.


Like previous designs, the 15-inch unit is designed to serve as a general purpose HMI and can be ordered pre-configured with several software packages. A heavy duty chassis and low component count circuit design provide enhanced reliability, increased EMI immunity, and resistance to shock and vibration.


The 15-inch units, with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, can be either panel mounted or mounted from a pendant. A built-in Ethernet port allows the Optima Plus range to provide high-speed connectivity to a customer’s intranet and networked servers.


The PC is based on the Intel Atom processor for Windows XP/7 and Samsung ARM for CE 6.0, with hardware to support accelerated graphics display and video-processing capabilities. The CE platform uses the Samsung ARM Cortex-A8 processor.

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