MATERIALS HANDLING: Drying, Cooling and Classifying Combined

Multi-functional unit dries, cools and classifies resin all in one machine.

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The DC Classifier multi-functional unit has been developed specifically for the plastics industry by SWECO, Florence, Kent. a division of M-I LLC and targets applications requiring one, two or all three of its functions: drying, cooling or classifying. 


The DC Classifier utilizes either positive or negative air flow to draw moisture and heat away from the pellets, drying and cooling the material. Resin then continues through the machine to classification where and oversize and fine particles can be removed.


Designed with modular decks for easy removal, the DC Classifier reportedly simplifies cleaning during process changeovers when more than one material type or color is run in the same machine. The classifier can also be designed with casters for mobility around the lab or production facility.


Sweco will participate in NPE2015 (March 23-27; Orlando) at booth 17117.