MATERIALS: Bioplastic 3D Filament with Exceptional Finish

One-year old 3Dom USA is offering a new plant-based filament that offers several advantages.

A new bioplastic 3D printing filament boasts exceptional print finish and detail with a pleasing silky feel, along with reduced brittleness and increased flexibility normally associated with oil-based filaments. Easy processing and much higher speeds are also claimed.

            Available from 3Dom USA, Fargo, ND, Biome3D filament is a biodegradable thermoplastic based on plant starch materials developed by Biome Bioplastics, a UK company focused on high-performance plant-based plastics for a wide range of applications—from catering to electronics. According to president of 3Dom USA John Schneider, the company is striving to offer innovative and environmentally-sound products that perform with the integrity of petroleum-based products. “The Biome3D filament delivers just that. It’s very easy to work with, it’s a great alternative to PLA, and it rivals ABS for when brittleness is an issue,” he says.

            Founded in March 2014, 3Dom USA is a joint venture between 3Dom Filaments Ireland and Fargo 3D Printing of North Dakota. Biome3D filament was launched last year in the UK and is now being manufactured here by 3Dom USA. 

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