MATERIALS: Caps, Closures Resins

Dow's new Evercap PE family is diverse and boasts enhanced, unmatched product performance and processability.

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A diverse portfolio of PE resins called Evercap PE has been developed by Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics, Midland, Mich. for rigid caps and closures. The PEs will debut at K 2016.

The line currently consists of multiple grades, with several new grades in development—all of which reportedly boast enhanced, unmatched product performance and processability and are fully recyclable. Each grade is tailored to specific industry needs and brings “unsurpassed levels” of key attributes like ESCR, stiffness, and toughness, Dow says. Such attributes allow closures to deliver industry-leading sustainable performance such as preferred application and removal torque values, long-term sealability and durability, optimum processability, reliable tamper evidence, and unsurpassed organoleptics at the lightest closure weight possible.

As opposed to alternatives, Dow says Evercap provides the caps and closures industry with a variety of proprietary technologies—from unimodal to multi-modal, from Ziegler-Natta to metallocene, from gas phase to solution to slurry, and from HDPE to LLDPE to LDPE.

Sustainability improvements cited for the new resins include: two-piece to one-piece closure conversion, reducing material needed for production; lightweighting, enabling more efficient, cost-effective transport; and food-waste reduction, by extending shelf-life through excellent sealability, barrier and durability.