MATERIALS: Carbon Fiber Reinforced PP Compounds for Automotive

Borealis augments its Fibremod technology portfolio.

Borealis of Austria (U.S. office in Port Murray, N.J.) has expanded its Fibremod technology portfolio with the addition of carbon fiber reinforced PP compounds geared primarily to automotive. The company first launched Fibremod in late 2013 with its series of long- and short-glass PP compounds for the automotive and appliance industries. Three new grades now augment the company’s Fibremod portfolio:


CB201SY is a 20% carbon fiber reinforced engineered PP which boasts a maximized performance strength-to-weight saving ratio.


CB301SY is a 30% carbon fiber reinforced engineered PP that reportedly provides up to 40% weight saving potential when compared to other lightweight materials currently in use.


CB401SY is a 40% carbon fiber reinforced engineered PP that is said to provide ultra-high stiffness, thus enabling lighter weight, high-performance plastics applications.


Borealis sees these new grades as especially suited for applications such as chain adjusters, pump housings, headlamp housings, oil pans, seat frames, arm rests, gear shifting gates, and sunroof frames. Also being explored are applications in structural parts in interiors, underhood applications, and motorcycle parts.