MATERIALS: Coolant-Resistant LSR for Engine Gaskets

LSR gains a place in automotive cooling systems.

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Wacker Chemie of Germany (U.S. office in Adrian, Mich.) recently introduced Elastosil LR 3022/60, a liquid silicone rubber for injection molding gaskets used in automotive cooling systems. Cured parts are said to retain low compression set under long-term load in direct contact with coolant fluids. According to Wacker, standard LSRs are not suitable as sealants in the hot areas of engine cooling circuits, because they quickly lose elasticity and rebound resistance. But the new grade reportedly retains its rebound resistance “permanently,” which ensures leak-tightness in the seal groove. Furthermore, the overall property profile of cured Elastosil LR 3022/60 is said to remain virtually unchanged under long-term load. It also exhibits very good low-temperature flexibility down to -45 C.

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