MATERIALS: Cost-Effective Transparent Nylons Usable as Blend Additives

They give a boost to standard nylons.

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A line of semi-aromatic nylons with a unique combination of transparency, chemical resistance, cost-effectiveness, and recycled content were launched by Invista, Wilmington, Del., at NPE2015. Novadyn DI/DI polymers can be used alone or as blend additives to improve performance of standard nylons. They were developed for transparent applications where polycarbonate struggles with chemical resistance or where more costly transparent polymers may be over-specified. In humid environments, Novadyn nylons can boost conventional nylon properties and enable thinner parts, Invista says. As a blend additive for nylon 6 and 66, Novadyn DI/DI significantly improves conditioned mechanical properties, such as up to 43% higher flexural strength and stiffness.