MATERIALS: Detectable Compounds For Food, Drug And Cosmetic Industries

Techmer PM's compounding division expands its portfolio of detectable resins.

Techmer ES, the compounding division of Techmer PM, Clinton, Tenn., has expanded its Hifill portfolio of detectable thermoplastic compounds for the food, drug, and cosmetic industries for applications such as modular conveyor belts, corner guard and wear strips, totes, buckets, scoops, wiper and “doctor” blades, and wire and cable ties.

            Hifill XMD includes new grades in high-temperature resistant polymers, which significantly expands Techmer ES’s problem-solving capabilities in elevated temperature manufacturing operations, according to director of sales and marketing Bob Findlen. “The addition is important at a time when manufacturers are increasingly concerned about the possibility of recalls due to plastics contamination. Our leading plastic compounds with metal and x-ray detectable additives help to ensure no adulterated product reaches consumers.” These compounds include glass-reinforced ABS, ASA, ECTFE and HDPE. The XMD series joins the company’s MD series also designed for the food, drug, and cosmetic industries and XRD series which is used in the dairy industry. (800) 401-8181 •

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