MATERIALS: FR Nylon for Thin Walls With Good Heat Aging

Nylon 66/6 copolymer meets UL 94 V-0 at 0.4 mm.

At the Fakuma show in Germany last month, BASF (U.S. office in Wyandotte, Mich.) spotlighted a new nylon 66/6 copolymer, Ultramid A3U42G6. This glass-reinforced, halogen-free, flame-retardant compound meets UL 94V-0 at 0.4 mm thickness. Its significantly improved heat-aging resistance achieves an RTI value for dielectric strength at 140 C with 0.4-mm wall thickness and at 150 C with 0.75-mm thickness. It’s said to be distinguished by very easy processing and reduced mold deposits. The FR system reportedly shows no migration effects, maintaining high-quality component surfaces. Possible applications include controls, contactors, and connectors.