MATERIALS: Gamma-Ray Stable Engineered Resin Compounds

Infinity LTL has launched several PC & nylon 66 unfilled and filled compounds for medical/healthcare applications.

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A new line of gamma-stable compounds for healthcare and medical applications, which are said to exhibit reduced color shift after multiple cycles of gamma sterilization vs. non-stabilized materials, have been launched by Infinity LTL Engineered Compounds, a part of the Americhem group of companies, Morrisville, Penn.

Several grades are available for PC and nylon 66 resins, each of which are part of the company’s ColorRX compounds for healthcare and medical applications or the Instruct structurally-reinforced compound product lines. The latter are available in a wide range of glass loadings to meet user’s needs. The new compounds are available in clear, transparent and opaque colors, are made in ISO 13485 compliant facilities, and reportedly are offered in short lead times with no minimum order quantities.