MATERIALS: Halogen-Free, Low-Smoke, FR-TPE for Flexible Cords & Appliance Wire

New low-smoke, flame-retardant TPE compound for wire insulation and jacketing does not contain phthalates or halogen additives.

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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Teknor Apex Co., Pawtucket, R.I., is offering new low-smoke, flame-retardant TPE compound that allows manufactures of power and other flexible cords for appliances and consumer electronics to produce non-PVC insulation and jacketing that does not contain phthalate plasticizers or halogen additives.

Halguard E 59001 compound is designed for flexible cords that meet UL 62 requirements and for appliance wire that complies with UL 758. Other potential uses include power cords for computers, HDMI cables for televisions, wiring for device chargers, and USB connectors. The compound meets the requirement of UL VW-1 and cable flame tests as well as the IEC 61034 smoke test. When tested in accordance with UL 1581, Halguard E 59001 meets deformation and heat shock requirements at 150 C, compared with 121 C for PVC.

The new TPE compound has 85 Shore A hardness, tensile strength of 2100 psi, elongation of 530%, and flexural modulus of 18,100 psi. It also has a dielectric constant of 2.89 at 1 MHz and deformation of 1.0 at 150 C, and it complies with both oil resistance of 168 hr immersion at 60 C and sunlight resistance of 720 hr weatherometer exposure.