MATERIALS HANDLING: Automatically Fill Hoppers Using Logic Controller

Logic controller automatically controls pump to refill hoppers.

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A new logic controller allows minimum and maximum levels to be set for hoppers, automatically controlling the pump to refill with pellets, liquids or powders as needed. Rechner Electronics Ind. Inc.’s, Sanborn, N.Y., Logic Controller EGI-RLC-MM will be displayed at NPE2015 (March 23-27; Orlando; Booth S21144).


Voltage in is 100-240 VAC and DC voltage is supplied to the two Rechner Capacitive sensors, which can be NPN or PNP. For level control of plastic pellets, Rechner recommends using two of its Capacitive NormLine sensors. Model numbers KAS-80-A24-A-K-Y3-NL with cables should be mounted through the wall of the hopper for easy detection of the plastic pellets. Rechner notes that these products have ETL, UL, CSA and CE certificates.