MATERIALS: High-Concentration LGF-PP for Automotive

Trinseo's new Enlite is said to be the first PP compound with an 85% long glass fiber (LGF) content.

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A new family of structural PP compounds for automotive semi-structural applications developed by Trinseo, Berwyn, Penn., is reportedly the first on the market with an 85% concentration of long glass fibers (LGF) PP, allowing processors to achieve cost savings of up to 10% through significantly reduced compounding costs. .

Enlite PP LGF 1851 and 1852, now commercially available and supported by a new state-of-the-art production facility in Midland, Mich., are said to enable the production of lighter weight interior parts at  lower total cost compared to steel and aluminum.

The new compounds represent a step-change improvement over the previous industry benchmark of 60% LGF concentration. Moreover, their dispersability is reportedly as good as traditional 60% concentrated products, while delivering good impact resistance and durability in the final part. Additionally, the outstanding pellet robustness of Enlite 1851 and 1852 is said to minimize generation of loose fibers during air conveying, which ultimately reduces production costs for the processor.