MATERIALS: High-Flow Styrenic TPEs for Auto Interiors

Teknor's new styrenic TPEs are said to be ideal for auto interior components where TPVs may be "over engineered".

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A line of styrene block copolymer TPEs for molders of interior automotive parts newly developed by Teknor Apex, Pawtucket, R.I., are said to offer alternative cost/performance profiles widely used TPVs. Now offered alongside TPVs in the company’s Sarlink range of elastomers, new Sarlink ML-11099 Series and ML-1600 Series styrenic TPEs are general-purpose and enhanced-performance offerings, respectively.

Both series are available in a wide range of hardness levels, and exhibit higher flow than comparable TPV grades, enabling them to be molded into more complex, intricate geometries and to improve cycles through reduced packing and cooling times. They are UV-stable, resist abrasion and scratching, are easily colored, provide good surface and tactile properties, and exhibit low fogging and odor. Particularly in applications where TPVs may be considered “over engineered” with respect to performance requirements, these high-flow styrenic TPEs also provide cost advantages. Applications can include bin mats, cup holder liners, and soft-touch grips for knobs and buttons and, in fact, have been commercially used in such applications by Chrysler, Ford, and GM. 

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