MATERIALS: High-Performance Halogen-Free Polyolefin Jacketing Compounds

Teknor's new halogen-free jacketing compounds boast exceptionally high flame retardance.

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New halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) jacketing compounds for data center cables, control cables, and other demanding applications from Teknor Apex, Pautucket, R.I., have been shown to exhibit a higher level of flame retardance than other high-performance HFFR materials without compromising physical or electrical properties.


Halguard 58300 Series HFFR compounds with limiting oxygen indices in the 53-56% range reportedly enable cables to pass the stringent UL1685 vertical tray test (CSA FT4/IEE 1202) and achieve a UL94 rating of V-O with test specimens as thin as 1/40 in. These compounds are said to provide this outstanding flame performance while exhibiting the same physical and electrical properties of other high-performance HFFR materials. Available grades are in the 48-52 Shore D hardness range. The company recommends the new series of compounds for data centers and other applications requiring exceptional flame retardance. One example is the extensive “server farms” operated by Internet companies. 

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