MATERIALS: High-Performance PVC Slush Molding Compounds For Auto Interiors

New slush molding compounds meet tough low-temperature automotive requirements.

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Two new PVC formulations from PolyOne Corp., Avon Lake, Ohio, boast cycle-time reduction benefits, allowing processors to improve profitability while meeting tough low-temperature OEM performance requirements for slush molded automotive interior parts.

            Geon VBX 3577 vinyl powder is designed to provide production efficiency improvements for all automotive interior surfaces that require -30 C temperature performance;  VBX 3600 is formulated to meet strict OEM safety standards for instrument panels that require airbag deployment ratings below -36 C.  In trial testing compared to existing materials, both formulations displayed a 15% reduction in cycle time and decreased energy costs, resulting in higher production efficiency. They also have been shown to provide up to 35% lower scrap rates by enhancing coating consistency, which reduces material bridging and part defects.