MATERIALS: High-Temperature Partially Bio Nylons for Extrusion

Radici expands its Radilon line of high-temperature 'technopolymers'.

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Three new specialty, high-temperature nylons targeted to extrusion applications have been launched by Italy’s Radici Group (U.S. office in Wadsworth, Ohio). These latest additions to the Radilon product line are each partially based on renewable sources:

● Grade DT nylon 612, for use as filaments in the personal care market sector (toothbrushes, mascara applications), and when compounded properly, for use in pipe manufacturing (petrol ducts, oil & gas, and air pipes.


● Grade CD nylon 610 is typically used to produce monofilaments for industrial applications (e.g. Paper Machine Clothing) and can also be used for manufacturing pipes suitable for transporting petrol in fuel lines.


● Radilon 610/66 copolymer is ideally suited for manufacturing food-grade packaging films and wraps. Also, a special formulation of this materials contains a metal-detectable material, for use in the manufacture of brushes for cleaning devices in the food industry. It allows for the detection of plastic residues, after cleaning objects intended to come into contact with food.