MATERIALS: Injection Molding COC with Internal Mold Release

The boost in processability has made this COC the go-to choice grade for components with high-aspect ratios, precision details, and other molding challenges.

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An injection molding grade with internal mold release is the latest addition to the portfolio of transparent cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) resins from Topas Advanced Polymers, Florence, Ky. The boost in processability from the internal release suits this grade to molding parts with high-aspect ratios, precise details, and other molding challenges, according to Topas president Timothy Kneale.


Grade 5013 COC was developed for molding components for optical, diagnostic, and microfluidic markets, such as a microfluidic platform for automated analytical applications (pictured). The material features exceptional clarity, high flow, and HDT of 127 C. It boasts the highest flow of any transparent resin without loss of strength or optical characteristics. Its low melt viscosity enables production of ultrathin light-guide plates that are said to be unachievable with typical materials. These plates are used for displays in mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.


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