MATERIALS: Medical LSR with Reduced Self-Healing

Slit valves stay open in food and pharmaceutical dispensing.

Silicone molded slit valves often experience sticking or self-healing issues when subjected to harsh conditions. On medical devices such as needle-free infusion systems, valve healing risks decreased dose precision for a pharmaceutical fluid. As a result, manufacturers often have to add oils or a non-stick surface treatment to facilitate separation of the slit surfaces of the valve, or else must provide special handling and storage conditions to ensure valve opening.

These concerns, potential contamination issues, and extra expenses are lessened by a new LSR grade from Momentive Performance Materials Inc., Waterford, N.Y., which boasts significantly reduced self-healing of valve slits. New Silopren LSR RSH (Reduced Self-Healing) offers potential benefits for valve and fluid-flow products in the food, medical, and infant-care industries. The FDA-approved, RSH version of the Silopren LSR 2040 series comes in Shore A hardness of 42-26.