MATERIALS: Novel Weatherable Capstock Alloy; Low-Density PVC Foam Compounds

At NPE2015, Aurora Plastics showcased a new PVC/acrylic alloy capstock and low-density cellular PVC foam compounds said to set new standards.

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Manufacturer of rigid and foam PVC compounds Aurora Plastics, Streetsboro, Ohio, introduced two new products at NPE2015, each of which are said to set new market standards:

• Weatherable PVC/Acylic Alloy Capstock Compound: The new alloy sets a new bar in that most of the several available options on the market do not offer the same level of long-term weatherability and resistance to whitening, especially in darker colors, according to the company. It boasts superior processing characteristics, affording processors more consistent coating, less scrap, a faster startup time and a broader processing window.

Designed for use with the company’s cost-effective interior grade RPVC or foam RPVC compounds, the new PVC/Acrylic compound can be applied thinner than standard RPVC for a variety of applications such as outdoor trim, windows, decks, siding, fencing, and railing.

• Low-Density Cellular PVC Foam Compounds: The product line is said to raise the bar in the industry with cellular foam PVC compounds offered in .35 - .80 density range, which includes some of the lowest density cellular foams in the industry. The end result is reportedly a highly lightweight, yet durable material that is ideal for an array of interior decorative applications. 


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