MATERIALS: Nylon 66 Compound with Outstanding Low-Temperature Toughness

Teknor's newly enhanced nylon 66 compound exhibits 50% greater notched Izod impact strength at -40 C.

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A new upgraded nylon 66 compound from Teknor Apex Co., Pawtucket, R.I., boasts better low-temperature impact strength, enhanced cold-weather performance for injection molded applications as diverse as fasteners, fuel can nozzles, cable ties, living hinges, and sports equipment.

            Chemlon 109 HBK778 reportedly exhibits 50% greater notched Izod impact strength at -40 C than the company’s standard Chemlon 109, a toughened nylon 66 compound. At -10 C, the new material still provides nearly as much impact resistance as it exhibits at room temperature, whereas that of standard Chemlon 109 falls by 75%. Key properties of Chemlon 109 HBK778 include notched Izod impact strength of 18 kJ/m(2) at -40 C, and flexural strength of 52 MPa. 

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