MATERIALS: Partially Biobased PP Compound for Injection Molding

What appears to be the first commercially available partially biobased PP compound is newly available from FKuR.

A new PP compound that is partially-based on renewable resources and optimized for injection molding is the newest addition to the Terralene portfolio from FKuR (U.S. office in Lexington, Texas). Up until not, the Terralene line was comprised of partially- or fully- biobased PE compounds, which are based on “I’m Green” PE from Braskem America, Philadelphia.

            FKuR says, the Terralene PP 2509, with 35% biobased content, has comparable processing and application characteristics to conventional PP. With a MFR of 230/2,16 with 42 to 47 g/10 min, this compound offers the high flowability required for the production of complex components and products with long-flow paths. Carmen Michels, managing director for technology & development says, “We perceive a strong demand for biobased solutions also in the field of polypropylene, which were not available to date.”  

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